Hearing Aid Repairs in Charlotte

If you are looking for a provider to perform hearing aid repairs in Charlotte, North Carolina, then Levine Hearing is a great choice. As an independent office, we can clean or repair any make or model of hearing aid.
Hearing Aid Cleaning
We recommend that your hearing aids get a deep cleaning every 6 months in our […]

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Will my hearing aids whistle?

“Will my hearing aids whistle like my dad’s did?”

“I don’t see why I would spend that much money when I only hear people complaining about them.”

“I don’t want anyone to see them.”

“My neighbor says his are in the drawer most of the time.”

Great questions! It is natural to be apprehensive in seeking a new treatment. […]

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Free Lunch n’ Learn 12/13/16

    Hearing loss comes in many forms, but the most common and most ignored is a high frequency hearing loss. This person hears perfectly well in quiet situations or one-on-one, but when there is background noise, speech doesn’t sound clear. They are “hearing” just fine, but they are not understanding. Often times, a person […]

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The Best Rechargeable Hearing Aid

A rechargeable hearing aid that is worth it’s salt?!
The Phonak B-R series was just released in September of 2016, featuring the very first hearing aid with a lithium ion battery that will run for 24 hours from a single charge! The past iterations of rechargeable batteries left users with limited hours of usage and […]

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Preparing For Your Hearing Consultation

Many people are anxious going into their first hearing consultation and the questions, ‘What should I expect?, What do I need to bring?, and Am I ready for hearing aids?’ are often on their minds. This article will help to answer the basics you need to know when preparing for your appointment and put you […]

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Blue Cross Blue Shield Hearing Aid Provider

Do you have Blue Cross Blue Shield?
Levine Hearing is happy to announce that we are a Blue Cross Blue Shield hearing aid provider with in network status! Benefits vary by plan, but BCBS is known to carry some of the better hearing aid insurance benefits. Levine Hearing provides in-network benefits or discount plans through Humana and […]

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Starkey’s March 2016 Release

I am proud to be among the first in Charlotte to carry Starkey’s March 2016 release of their newest lineup of hearing devices, released just this month! I am so excited about their innovations and invite you to set an appointment see what it is all about. I have to pause for a second to say […]

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Simple Hearing Aids

We talk a lot about the newest and “bestest” hearing aids. The smallest, smartest, strongest hearing aids. They can connect to the iPhone, stream phone calls, and actively learn your listening habits. What we don’t talk about a lot are the most simple hearing aids. Ever heard of KISS? That stands for Keep It Simple […]

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Starkey Expo 2016 Recap

What a weekend! I got to travel to Las Vegas, Nevada this last week for the Starkey Hearing Innovation Expo 2016 for continuing education credits and for some incredible pep talking with 3000 of my closest friends! Not only that, my mom, a hearing aid clinic owner (Baker Hearing Aids), and both of our husbands […]

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Why You Should Get Your Hearing Checked

Are family members telling you to go get your hearing checked?
You aren’t alone. I hear this daily, not just from patients in my office, but from acquaintances at networking events, the cashier at the grocery store, the guy in line at the coffee shop. Sometimes it sounds like people are being downright mean to them. […]

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