Hearing loss comes in many forms, but the most common and most ignored is a high frequency hearing loss. This person hears perfectly well in quiet situations or one-on-one, but when there is background noise, speech doesn’t sound clear. They are “hearing” just fine, but they are not understanding. Often times, a person will wait many years before having their hearing tested because it is easy to think that people around them are just mumbling. “Look at me when you speak to me; Don’t talk to me from the other room; TV shows don’t even try to be clear any more.” If you are a person who loves someone that says things like that, you probably realize the truth in what Helen Keller said, “Blindness separates people from things; deafness separates people from people.” Hearing loss can separate us from the people we love without us even realizing it. A small grandchild can be asked to repeat themselves, but it never quite comes out the same as the first time. A dinner out with friends used to be full of laughs, but it can be hard to participate when the punchline is missed.

    With the holiday season upon us, maybe now is the time to get your loved one to come in for a free hearing evaluation. If they have treatable hearing loss, then it could also be time for a 30 day hearing aid trial to really test the experience when family is in town. If you just want the opportunity to ask questions outside of the office, consider attending our upcoming free educational Lunch n/ Learn. It is the perfect format for the person who is ready to ask questions but not to ready to make a decision.


Good to know:

Hearing aids are tax deductible as a medical expense and have no sales tax. Consider if that could be useful for you before the end of 2016.

Your Health Savings Accounts can be used towards the purchase of hearing aids.

Levine Hearing is an in-network provider of hearing aids for Blue Cross Blue Shield, which can carry a hearing aid benefit. All insurances are accepted.



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