Rob Kreisher is full of life and most recently, “addicted to hearing”.  If you ask him, he will tell you that he enjoys people and loves to entertain.  He grew up in Washington, NC, which he points out is known as the Original Washington.  Rob’s journey to better hearing began two months ago but it took several years to get there.

Addicted to hearing in Little Washington, NC

Little Washington, NC

About five years ago, Rob realized that his hearing was going “downhill” in a pretty dramatic fashion.  He kept putting off seeking treatment or finding a solution, but the frustration began to really set in when he would misunderstand phone calls.  His business revolves around phone calls and conversations with clients.

When Rob came into Levine Hearing for a hearing evaluation, I listened to his story, and made a recommendation to fit his needs. When I put his new hearing aids on him for the first time, his eyes were wide with excitement as he exclaimed,

“This is what I have been missing?”

He was happy to be hearing so well but also a bit scared that he had been missing so much for so long.  He was all smiles!  All sounds were new to him and I adjusted the prescription for comfort.  Rob came back a few times for adjustments and a few cleanings. On one occasion his aid seemed blocked and he came in for Joanne (our Patient Care Coordinator) to check it.  As he walked in the door he exclaimed,

“My hearing aid isn’t working so well, it has to be fixed because I am addicted to hearing!

We quickly repaired his hearing aids and he left our office happy and hearing those important conversations. That statement, “addicted to hearing”, was music to my ears!

Rob Kreisher is addicted to hearing

Rob Kreisher is addicted to hearing in Charlotte, NC

Rob is enjoying hearing the simple sounds like his coffee as he fills his mug and his puppy’s nails tap on the hardwood floors.  These are sounds that we often take for granted, and this year we are drawing attention to them with the hashtag #Hear365.  It isn’t just about hearing for the big occasions but hearing those simple, but beautiful sounds every single day of the year.  I asked Rob what would be some advice he would give to someone who is struggling with their hearing.  He responded,

“I have been amazed by the number of people who tell me that they have an untreated hearing loss. I encourage them to go to Levine Hearing immediately.  If you aren’t all that sure, ask Joanne or Maggie for my number, I would be happy to tell you how much of a difference it makes in my life.”

We love how enthusiastic Rob is about better hearing! We would love to give you or a loved one that same enjoyment of the gift of everyday sounds.



Maggie Page

 Hi! I’m Maggie. I have been helping Charlotte hear better for nearly two decades! I love giving the gift of hearing to my friends and neighbors. Please leave me comments if my posts are meaningful to you or teach you something new, and feel free to tweet us at @LevineHearing!