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  This is the single most important thing that you will ever do to maintain your hearing aids. It is also very easy to overlook, especially as time goes by. It makes me think of flossing! Nobody really wants to do it, but we all know that we should! If you will change your filter [...]

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Mild Hearing Loss is Not Like Mild Salsa

Mild salsa... The word “mild” can take on a meaning of its own when thinking about “mild temperatures” or “mild salsa”. But when it comes to a mild hearing loss there is nothing mild about it. A hearing loss is a partial or total inability to hear. We often hear of people accepting a mild [...]

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Hearing Gives Me Confidence – Gloria’s Story

Gloria Clark, Wilmington, NC Gloria Clark grew up in little Aberdeen, North Carolina.  She moved to Charlotte in 1957 and later graduated from UNCC to become a teacher for CMS in elementary education.  Her talents were luckily shared in the public school system for 30 years and then invested for another 11 years [...]

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Protect Your Hearing Month

Did you know that October is Protect Your Hearing Month? While I spend most of my working hours helping people treat hearing loss, what would make me the happiest is if we could protect your hearing in the first place! Hearing loss crosses all boundaries, including age, gender, background, race, and economics. Often times there is [...]

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Grieving Hearing Loss

Have you grieved your hearing loss? On twitter this week, I saw several comments about the emotions of mourning, missing, and accepting hearing impairment. We are only born with five senses, and no bones about it, to lose one of them partially or completely can be traumatic. I currently have hearing in the normal range, [...]

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