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Fall 2018 Hearing Aid Releases

"Should I wait to get a new hearing aid? Is something better going to be released soon?" I get asked this question all the time. The answer is yes and no. Yes, there is always something new around the corner. That is the nature of progress, but if you are always waiting then you will

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Addicted to Hearing – Rob’s Story

Rob Kreisher is full of life and most recently, "addicted to hearing".  If you ask him, he will tell you that he enjoys people and loves to entertain.  He grew up in Washington, NC, which he points out is known as the Original Washington.  Rob’s journey to better hearing began two months ago but it

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Sound News | Fall 2017

Dear patients & friends, I am so excited to share with you all that our practice is growing in more ways than one! My husband, David, and I are expecting a baby girl in just a few short weeks. Watch out for a winter newsletter to introduce baby Levine! I will be taking a bit

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Starkey Rechargeable Hearing Aids

New, Starkey rechargeable hearing aids were released in their already successful Muse series of devices in February of 2017. Now that I have had a few months to fit them and get patient feedback, I thought I would share with you why I think it is one of the best rechargeable devices on the market

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Hearing Aid Repairs in Charlotte

If you are looking for a provider to perform hearing aid repairs in Charlotte, North Carolina, then Levine Hearing is a great choice. As an independent office, we can clean or repair any make or model of hearing aid. Hearing Aid Cleaning We recommend that your hearing aids get a deep cleaning every 6 months

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Will my hearing aids whistle?

"Will my hearing aids whistle like my dad's did?" "I don't see why I would spend that much money when I only hear people complaining about them." "I don't want anyone to see them." "My neighbor says his are in the drawer most of the time."   Great questions! It is natural to be apprehensive

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Free Lunch n’ Learn 12/13/16

    Hearing loss comes in many forms, but the most common and most ignored is a high frequency hearing loss. This person hears perfectly well in quiet situations or one-on-one, but when there is background noise, speech doesn’t sound clear. They are “hearing” just fine, but they are not understanding. Often times, a person

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The Best Rechargeable Hearing Aid

A rechargeable hearing aid that is worth it's salt?! The Phonak B-R series was just released in September of 2016, featuring the very first hearing aid with a lithium ion battery that will run for 24 hours from a single charge! The past iterations of rechargeable batteries left users with limited hours of usage and

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