Thinking About Hearing Aids

/Thinking About Hearing Aids

5 Reasons to Not Get a Hearing Aid

(and why you should rethink them) You know (theoretically), if you have significant hearing loss, you should really get a hearing aid. Of course I hear lots and lots of reasons for why people want to delay the process. Did you know that on average, people will wait 7 years after they NEED a hearing

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11 Reasons to Consider Hearing Aids NOW

   Your family and friends will appreciate not having to strain their voices or repeat for you (as often). You are more likely to hear warning sounds like a fire alarm, a car horn, or someone's footsteps approaching. It can reduce anxiety and stress to not have to strain and focus so hard on understanding

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Grieving Hearing Loss

Have you grieved your hearing loss? On twitter this week, I saw several comments about the emotions of mourning, missing, and accepting hearing impairment. We are only born with five senses, and no bones about it, to lose one of them partially or completely can be traumatic. I currently have hearing in the normal range,

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