Custom fit hearing aids Charlotte NC


With another wave of Covid-19 sweeping the nation, masks are here to stay, and that means facing an unanticipated challenge for hearing aid users: losing the hearing aids when taking off facemasks.  


Traditionally, many hearing aid users would opt for behind-the-ear (BTE) style hearing aids for a variety of reasons such as appearance, rechargeability, or Bluetooth connectivity. However, with masks being yet another accessory worn behind the ears, we are seeing a trend of individuals leaning more towards custom in-the-ear (ITE) style hearing aids. The great news is that many ITE styles can now be rechargeable AND can have Bluetooth connectivity. Custom fit hearing aids are made by taking an impression in the user’s ear and sending it off to the manufacturer to have a custom hearing aid created. These completely custom fit hearing aids are available in a variety of sizes and technology levels, making them a viable option for nearly any degree or configuration of hearing loss. 

Not only do custom fit hearing aids offer a comfortable fit, switching into a custom fit hearing aid no longer means you need to compromise on the features you have fallen in love with on your BTE hearing aids. Custom hearing aids are now fully equipped with all the same Bluetooth features you love. You will still be able to use your smartphone to control the hearing aids, and you will even be able to stream phone calls and media right through your custom devices. Not ready to dive into Bluetooth just yet? That’s fine! We can integrate volume control directly into the hearing aids, or maybe adding a remote control would be best for you! We can even offer you rechargeable batteries in the custom hearing aids. Simply place the hearing aids in the case for them to charge overnight (Watch how it works here), and you’ll have a full 24 hour’s worth of battery life to keep you in the loop all day long. 

We are living in unprecedented times, but we don’t want that to stop you from feeling connected to your loved ones. Custom fit hearing aids are a great option for those who have stopped wearing hearing aids because of the masks or for anyone looking for a change. Let us know how we can help you hear better, because when you hear better, you feel better!





“It was in my undergraduate years that I realized my passion for bringing the gift of sound to those who felt isolated and without hope. It is my philosophy that each patient leaves every appointment feeling as though they have a better understanding of the problem we are tackling together, and they have hope for positive outcomes.” – Eileen Clark, Audiologist