Patient of the Month: Carlton Morris

We have had the honor and privilege of getting to know Mr. Carlton Morris. Carlton was born in Lexington, NC.  He has a love of life that is contagious. Carlton enjoys bowling, country music and loves Gymnastics. Carlton has won dozens of gold medals in the Special Olympics and was even inducted into the North Carolina Gymnastics Hall of Fame in 2008.  He loves to show off his “guns”(muscles) when he is performing his gymnastic routines. His attitude about hard work is so inspirational!

His hearing loss has been an ongoing issue and his sweet mother knew she needed to address the issue.  Carlton’s advocate and friend, Paul explained to Carlton that it was time for him to get new hearing aids to replace the old aids he had lost.

Carlton was a bit surprised at the level his hearing had dropped.  On the day he was fit for his hearing aids he was so excited how good the sound quality was and how well he could hear.

He repeated over and over, “I can hear you, I can hear you good!”

Carlton, his mother, and friend Paul are grateful for the helpful staff at Levine Hearing who encouraged him to wear his aids daily and to learn how to insert them correctly by himself.

Carlton is enjoying the everyday sounds of life.  He encourages everyone to seek out help for their hearing loss.  He believes that “everyone deserves to hear the birds singing and to hear every word people say.”

Carlton is wearing Starkey Muse iQ i2000 RICs



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