Your First Hearing Exam

At Levine Hearing, we highly recommend your first hearing exam by age 50. An efficient way to accomplish this goal is to get your hearing tested with a loved one. It is not uncommon to have friends or spouses come in together for the same (slightly extended) appointment slot to get their hearing tested. One goal that we have set for ourselves in the office for this next year is to encourage all of our current patients to bring in their spouses or a loved one in 2019 to get a baseline test on the books.

Caretaker Syndrome

From what I have seen, spouses often take turns in caregiving and in attending to their health. The one who is in “caretaker” mode might put themselves on the backburner for quite some time. I want to encourage that person to come in for a free test, even if hearing aids are not on the agenda yet, to get that baseline hearing test out of the way. If all is clear, then you can go several years before getting tested again.

What are the first signs of a hearing loss?

  • Frustration with family and friends because they are talking to you from the next room
  • Repeatedly having to ask certain people to repeat themselves
  • A family member commenting that your TV is turned up too loud
  • Difficulty hearing in noisy places like restaurants

When is it time to get hearing help?

I give a personal example to explain this in my office. When I got glasses at 15 years old, I wasn’t blind and I wasn’t running into things. My eyesight did not drop suddenly, but gradually over time, things started to get a bit blurry without me even realizing it. That first day that I got glasses, I was amazed at all the individual leaves on the trees! I tell you this story because hearing loss usually happens gradually and correction is not needed right away. Get your hearing tested with a loved one to establish a baseline audiogram so a drop can more easily be identified down the road.


If you currently wear hearing aids (or know someone who does), what were the signs of hearing loss that you noticed? How have hearing aids improved those situations for you or your loved ones?


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