Every year I comment on how fast the days, weeks and months are going by.  This year was no exception. 2018 seemed to move along at a very fast pace.  I am so grateful for the opportunity I have had to serve you and help so many enjoy the sounds of everyday life.  

This year at Levine Hearing, we were excited to learn favorite sounds that brought joy into the lives of our patients.  The answers were inspiring and helped me recognize the sounds I take for granted. Many people loved the sounds of the waves at the ocean, the laughter of a baby, their spouse’s voice, the songs of the birds, steaks sizzling on the grill, rain tapping on the window and everyday conversations.

I have had the opportunity to spend time out of the office in the community this year with our Gather Hear program.  By going into independent and assisted living facilities to run an activity with the residents, I have had the chance to meet so many new people. It has been such a pleasure gathering together and making some fun crafts and getting to know people who have lead such interesting lives, shared talents and who love having fun.

Our patient appreciation day last week was such a fun success! So many of you stopped in for door prizes, doughnuts, and a hug! Several shared with us the life-changing impact that their better hearing has had on them and their families. We are so grateful to be taking this journey of better hearing with you. 

Let us know what you are grateful for.  Please comment below! We love being inspired by you.




Hi! I’m Maggie. I have been helping Charlotte hear better for nearly two decades! I love giving the gift of hearing to my friends and neighbors. Please leave me comments if my posts are meaningful to you or teach you something new, and feel free to tweet us at @LevineHearing!