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When patients want to leave Levine Hearing reviews to let other people know about their experience, I am profoundly humbled and thankful. I am proud that my patients agree that I have the best Charlotte hearing aids!

Levine Hearing Charlotte Google Review

We are proud to hold a 5 star Google review rating!


“I am a new patient of Madison’s and cannot sing the praises of her office(Joanne), her professionalism, her knowledge and the ability to help you feel comfortable in your new world of hearing aids. I went in for the hearing evaluation–just to get a sense as to where I was on the lack of hearing ability. Immediately you feel comfortable due to her office décor/design and her manner of speaking and “bedside” manner. We went through the tests and she explained everything all along the way so I had a complete understanding of what was going on. Afterward, she showed me my results with terms that anyone could understand. Because of my results, she explained my choices in hearing aids with recommendations for my lifestyle. This was important because it showed me that she not only was letting me make the choice without pushing but because she is independent she does not represent any ONE brand so she can make recommendations based on your personal needs. I cannot recommend this office highly enough–if you are looking for knowledge, comfort, ease, and professionalism–this is your place!” – Amy Mayer


“Our mother has been under Hospice care for over two years with declining health. She had another brand of hearing aids and we could hardly communicate with her. We felt it was important to make the investment of new hearing aids to improve our communications with mom during this difficult period… What a Godsend! We are so thankful to Madison, Joanne and everyone at the Levine Hearing Center for helping to make this part of our journey so much better and easier! Thank You!” – Irene Liapis


“In my opinion, Madison Levine is by far the best hearing care specialist in the city of Charlotte.I’ve had to shop around quite a bit before I found the right place and the right professional. I wish that I knew about this place before. I highly recommend it, whether it is for an existing hearing aid user, or a new one.
She is very compassionate and takes great care in fitting hearing aids based on individual preferences. She truly makes a difference!
It is next to impossible to find someone who is honest, trustworthy and dependable like her.” – Kruti Parikh Shaw


“Just went in for my 6 month cleaning. I have worn hearing aids for years and have never had such great service. Not only do they sell the best, they take care of them after the sale.” – Donald Schacher


“Madison is a very caring and professional person who did a wonderful job of fitting me with my hearing aides. She took her time with me and did not rush the appointment. She wants to make sure that when all is said and done that you’ve got the best fit with the best devices on the market. And then there’s Joanne who takes care of the front – what a dynamo of energy and concern. She’s going to make sure your appointment goes smoothly and on time. These people really do care.” – D. Brown


“I was so impressed with Madison’s genuineness from the first time I spoke with her. My dad had been struggling with his hearing following years of factory work. Even though he resides in Chicago, I made it my mission to help him by bringing him to Charlotte for his care. Madison and Joanne at Levine hearing made this possible. They have provided us with outstanding service and have treated my dad with the utmost respect. Most importantly my dads hearing has improved. He makes it a point to visit Levine hearing every time he’s in town. We are so grateful!” – Beatriz Makhuli


“I am 91 years old and had a successful appointment with Madison Levine who is very knowledgeable and thorough and did a great job for me. I would recommend her to anyone who is experiencing a hearing loss.” -Jerry Levin Charlotte, NC

Jerry is wearing Resound LiNX2 RICs that can stream to his iPhone.


“I am a patient at Levine Hearing and want any other potential patient to know how extraordinary Madison Levine’s care is. Before being diagnosed and treated by Madison Levine, I went to other audiologists in Charlotte. I was upset with the treatment from these other audiologists because after the hearing exam, I was turned over to a salesperson who was more interested in what I had to spend on hearing aids and what color I wanted than what my hearing test results would suggest would work best for me. In a sense, it was very much like buying a car: did I want this color, did I want 4 cylinders or 6, did I want cloth or leather seats, etc.

I was so upset with this approach that I spent almost a full year before again approaching the issue of getting hearing aids. When I was advised again I needed hearing aids, I again found the same sales practices and had the same reaction: why weren’t the audiologists talking to me about what I needed based on my hearing test, rather than some salesperson trying to convince me about what to buy. So I started to search for an audiologist who wouldn’t treat me like a source of income and who would be concerned about a successful outcome improving my hearing.

After finding, meeting with, and having a hearing test from Madison Levine, I finally had found a person who was warm, professional, extremely thorough, and who recommended hearing aids based on my needs, not a large organization’s monthly financial results. Madison Levine fitted me with a new pair of hearing aids which have been ideal for my needs and have enabled me to hear many sounds I had forgotten one could hear. She has also followed up with me, making adjustments to the sounds I could hear based on my reaction to a variety of situations. I have had my hearing aids now for several months, and could not be more satisfied with the improvement in my hearing and, moreover, the phenomenal care I received from Madison Levine.” – Gary Knight Charlotte, NC


“I highly recommend Madison at Levine Hearing! She is so friendly, kind, and earnest about helping people hear better. As someone who has worn hearing aids for over ten years I’ve been to many different hearing professionals and none have put me at ease as much as Madison. She took the time to educate me about my unique type of hearing loss without any pressure to buy. She considers your budget and works with you to find the right options according to your needs. Whether you are new to hearing aids or a longtime user Levine Hearing will do a fantastic job to better your hearing and improve your quality of life.” -Amanda M. Charlotte, NC


“I have tried several hearing specialists and never felt comfortable with the result they provided. Madison was a breath of fresh air. She has the knowledge and equipment to accurately diagnose and provide a solution. Further to that she has the most caring and gentle approach that put me totally at ease and inspired the confidence for me to go ahead and make a decision that I am happy with.” -David S. Charlotte, NC

David is deaf in one ear, so he is wearing Starkey Muse 2400 BiCROS RICs. The sound on the “bad” side is routed wirelessly to his better ear!


“I could not be more pleased with my experience with Levine Hearing, which involved hearing tests and the well-advised purchase of hearing aids. I had tests done a few years ago and simply resisted the idea of one more issue requiring yet a bit more time in my day to address this problem. (There was also the “vanity” part of the decision, though they really don’t show!) Madison was so caring, understanding, and very professional! I feel I can call her at any time with questions or concerns. I highly recommend that anyone contemplating the need for hearing aids at least meet with Madison. She grew up with a Mother who also was (and still is) a Hearing Instrument Specialist, so she is grounded in all that is involved in helping with the correct selection of hearing aids to meet an individual’s needs. It is wonderful to be able to more clearly hear conversations, etc. wherever I go!! Thank you, Levine Hearing!!” – Gloria C. Matthews, NC

Gloria is wearing Starkey Halo2 1600 RICs which connect to her iPhone.


“Madison is very knowledgeable about hearing loss and describes why and how hearing is very important. I have a special program to help with background noise in crowds that works very well. I would recommend Madison because she and her staff make you feel like family.” Dorothy B. Mint Hill, NC

Dorothy is wearing Starkey Muse 2000 CICs.


“The personal service made everything relaxing. It was strange hearing my own voice and the noises around me. Madison is very nice and professional and explained instructions clearly and checked my understanding of it. I would definitely recommend her.” -Shirley R.  Indian Trail, NC

Shirley is wearing Starkey i30 ITCs.


“I’m understanding better than ever and can connect my hearing aid to my phone.” -Rob M. Charlotte, NC

Rob is wearing a Resound Enya3 BTE with a phone clip accessory to stream his Droid phone.


“What stood out to me about the quality of service is that Madison treats you like a relative when fitting your hearing aids. I can finally hear my granddaughter talking, I can hear my pastor’s sermon and I can clearly hear on my phone.”- Christine N.  Indian Trail, NC

Christine is wearing Starkey Halo i90 RICs which connect to her iPhone for streaming phone calls and music.


“Madison’s honesty and demeanor stood out. I would recommend Levine Hearing to friends because of their excellent service. I’m able to hear everything!”- Al G.  Charlotte, NC

Al is wearing Resound LiNX2 7 RICs


“Madison listened to my concerns. She was very patient, thorough, and efficient. I have recognized an improvement in the sound of my own voice. Everything sounds better! We would recommend Levine Hearing to a friend or family member because we trust the level of service.” -Al and Annette R.  Charlotte, NC

Al is wearing Starkey i30 CICs, replacing his older CIC hearing aids.


“Madison is an excellent listener in addition to her knowledge of the art and technology. She is very interested in fixing the issue at hand, versus selling hearing aids. Madison didn’t “push me” through the process; She guided me. If I have an opportunity to refer others, it will happen.” -Daniel J.  Charlotte, NC

He is wearing Resound LiNX2 9 RICs and these are his first hearing aids.


“I hadn’t experienced issues with my hearing, but with wellness in mind, I still had Madison check it. When you go into something like this, you don’t know what to expect, but Madison made me feel comfortable and I appreciated the quality and clarity of her explanation of my results. I am glad to have gotten a good report but also to have a baseline for future tests. I believe people should look at their hearing from a wellness point of view and go have it checked before issues begin.” -Mary Ellen E.  Charlotte, NC


“They are just great. That’s all I have to say. They are great.”  -Ralph M.  Charlotte, NC

A man of few words, but very important ones! He is wearing Resound LiNX2 7 RICs and is a first time hearing aid user.


“Ms. Levine has the professionalism and knowledge to help her clients navigate through the large and confusing population of available hearing aids to find the one that best suits her clients lifestyle, budget, and hearing difficulty. She can explain the differences in a manner her clients can understand with or without the highly technical explanation of the devices. Her warm personality and honest concern for the success of her client’s transition to wearing hearing aids is unique and appreciated. She has spent over an hour with me on each visit to ensure my devices and understanding are correct. In the first visit, you will feel like you have known her for years.” -Kent D. Charlotte, NC

He is a first time hearing aid user and is wearing Starkey i110 RICs.


“My daughter and I both felt that Madison was trustworthy right away. She explained everything clearly and you can tell that she is concerned with fitting her patients with the right thing for them. I am working on sending her my friends! The first week I was wearing them, we had a big family dinner. Everyone was talking at the same time, but I could pick out each conversation and understand. That was new! I also used to have my TV volume up in the 50s, but I still wasn’t hearing things clearly. Now I have it down in the 30s and can understand it.” -Carla M.  Charlotte, NC

She is wearing Resound Alera 5 RICs fit by Madison Levine


“The ones I had before from another place, I never liked. But these, I really love! I love that they stay in like they are supposed to and that I can change the volume with a remote control. I recently took a roadtrip with my sister and we did great. I didn’t have to ask, “What did you say?” over and over. I am very happy with the new technology!”- Mary Ann B.  Charlotte, NC

She is wearing Starkey i70 RICs fit by Madison Levine.


“My children noticed right away that I wasn’t speaking as loudly on the phone and that I could understand them clearly. My wife says that in one-on-one conversations that I’m not speaking so forcefully. I am even hearing the fountain and the birds in my backyard!”- Jan V.  Charlotte, NC

Jan previously wore hearing aids, so these were all improvements over his old aids! He is wearing Starkey i90 RICs fit by Madison Levine.