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Hear Better, FEEL Better

Madison Levine, BC-HIS

My favorite appointment is the “one week followup”. A patient has decided to move forward with hearing aids, has worn them for one week, and now it is time for them to come back to me with their feedback for improvements. They tell me about the new sounds and conversations they heard clearly, but they also tell me how much better they FEEL. Their listening effort is lowered and their stress is down. They feel more included in conversations and that makes them happier.

Your story is unique and you deserve to be heard. This is why our appointments are not rushed, you are treated like a person rather than a number, and why more than 300 people have left us five-star reviews sharing the life-changing effect that better hearing has had on their lives. As an independent clinic, all manufacturers are represented and pricing is competitive so that you get the very best fit for your specific needs.

Finding Our Location is Easy

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