Why does independence matter?

Levine Hearing is an independent, locally owned practice, which means that it is not affiliated with just one hearing aid brand. This is important. When hearing aids are purchased from many of the large nationwide chains, only one brand of hearing aid is offered, and the aids you purchase there can only be reprogrammed at that chain, which could be referred to as “locked”. At Levine Hearing, you can find the same products, produced in the same labs as the big chains, but they are “unlocked”. This puts the patient in control. If you are not happy with our service, you can have the hearing aids reprogrammed at a number of other clinics. It also means that if you move out of town, your hearing aids can still be serviced.

 Madison Levine chooses her products very carefully to be sure that she is providing the best value to her patients. If you are looking for the very best in Charlotte hearing aids and expect exceptional customer service, then look no further than Levine Hearing. Phonak, Starkey, Resound, Oticon, Siemens (Signia), Widex and many other brands are represented because Levine Hearing is independent. New releases like the Phonak Marvel series rechargeable hearing aids can operate for 30+ hours on a single charge. Resound Quattro can connect directly to iPhone and Android devices to enable wireless streaming and hands-free phone calls. Starkey Livio brings music to your ears like no other hearing aid before it. Madison asks lots of questions about your lifestyle needs and budget requirements to ensure that you receive the best hearing aid model and the best course of auditory rehabilitation for you.

Cleaning & Maintenance

  • We clean all brands of hearing aids, yes ALL, for FREE! Having your hearing aids cleaned is like having the oil changed in your car. With regular maintenance, you are getting better protection for your investment, which is why we encourage you to allow us to clean your hearing aids quarterly . We use a cleaning machine to vacuum out any debris from the receiver and the microphone, we disinfect the outer portion of the aid, clean the battery’s electrical contacts, and dry out any moisture in the aid with our commercial dehumidifier. Behind-the-Ear (BTE) aids will require a “tube change” one to two times a year, and this is performed as needed during our routine cleanings. Our deep cleanings only take 5-10 minutes, so you can enjoy some refreshments while you wait or you can drop them off, run some errands, and come back to get them.


  • Depending on the results of your hearing exam, you may be given recommendations for a hearing device that will suit your lifestyle and individual needs. See the hearing aid styles page for more information about the styles and types we fit.


  • These days, almost all hearing aids are digital and programmable, meaning that the prescription settings can be changed again and again to suit your hearing needs. Luckily, as an independent practice, we are able to adjust the programming of many, many different brands of hearing aids including : Starkey, NuEar, Oticon, Siemens, Signia, Sivantos, Oticon, Unitron, Resound, Phonak, Widex and many more. If you are unhappy with your current provider, let Levine Hearing take over the maintenance of your current aids. A handful of hearing aid brands do require proprietary software, so please call ahead if you are concerned about whether we can program your specific brand. Remember though, we do clean ALL brands and can have ALL brands repaired.


  • As an independent practice. Levine Hearing is able to repair all makes and models of hearing aids. Whether a battery door has broken, or your aid is not producing any sound, we will evaluate the issue and give you an option to repair it as quickly as possible. Most often, repairs can be performed in the office while you wait briefly. In some cases, the device may need to be sent to the manufacturer, in which case you will be informed if your device is in warranty or not and advised of any potential charges and the time frame of its return before agreeing to send it off. We can repair ANY brand of hearing aid including: Starkey, Beltone, Miracle Ear, Accuquest, NuEar, Oticon, Siemens, Resound, Phonak, Widex, Rexton, Unitron, Microtech and more.